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Frequently Asked Questions

A life-changing opportunity for students. A promising situation for parents. A smart solution for homeowners. Everyone wins with College Works Painting.

But we know you may have questions. So find your answers by clicking below.

Questions for Homeowners

How do your prices compare to other contractors?

College Works prices are very competitive when you are comparing the same service. College Works Painting uses only 100% Acrylic Paints from the top manufacturers like Kelly-Moore, Glidden, ICI, Sherwin Willams and Parker Paints. We focus on only top notch preparation in order to make your job last and we carry full workers compensation coverage as well as $5,000,000 in liability insurance. When you combine this with our guarantee and compare us to other contractors we know you will find us to be the best value around.

How does your guarantee work?

The Quality Guarantee is backed by the company, which means that if anything goes wrong with your job as a result of work we performed the company offers a complimentary one year guarantee of quality, which is industry standard. College Works Painting also offers extended warranty options. We invite homeowners to purchase a three, four, or five year guarantee of quality. For extended warranty options, please contact a warranty specialist at our corporate headquarters at 888-450-9675 or ask your College Works Painting intern for further details. Most companies offer a "paint only" guarantee, whereas College Works Painting makes sure the painting job on your home will last for years.

Are they really students?

All of the College Works Interns are college students. The program is designed to allow college students to have a real life business experience and to earn money for the high cost of tuition. The painters on each crew may or may not be college students. All of our painters are trained by us and our paint providers, and many have years of experience.

Will they be practicing on my home? Are they just learning to paint?

Each Intern is put through an extensive training program during the spring months so they are completely prepared to take care of your home. The experience of the painters varies, however we will not allow or permit inexperienced people to paint your home. We guarantee that you, like thousands of others, will be happy with our work.

interior room

Do we paint interiors? Do you mow lawns, handyman work, etc.?

We offer interior work, wood replacement, vinyl siding, and other services in certain states. Check with your Intern to identify what is offered in your home town.

Why should I not hire a "professional" painter or someone who has been painting longer?

Once you take a thorough look at the College Works Painting Program, which has been around since 1993, we believe you'll agree that no other painting company is as thorough or has the training or does the screening that College Works Painting does with its employees. Professionalism by definition has little to do with how long someone has been doing a particular job but more to do with how serious, committed and well trained they are. By this definition and the fact that College Works Painting is one of the largest residential painting companies in the nation, painting 20,000 homes in the last 2 years, College Works Painting is the company by which others judge themselves.

What kind of safety precautions do you have?

Safety is the most important part of any job. College Works Painting's Safety Program includes on-site manuals and weekly safety briefings of which are the most advanced in the industry. Feel free to ask the Crew Chief to see the on-site safety program. We are very proud of it. It is a good practice to make sure any contractor you have doing work on your home has an on-sight written safety program as it is the law and lowers the risk of any possible problems.

Maybe I should paint it myself. What do I need to do that?

If you would rather paint your home yourself, there are a few things to keep in mind: the retail paint cost (even with the discount we will give you) for an average 3 bedroom house will be between $500-600; the equipment necessary, brushes, rollers, drop clothes, ladders will have to be purchased and a paint sprayer rents at $60 a day. The time it will take if you're experienced and trained is roughly 50-60 hours of labor and that's our people following a system we've used and refined over the years.

How do I avoid contractor scams?

Click here to find tips on avoiding contractor scams.

What's College Works Painting's policy for unhappy customers and negative reviews?

College Works Painting stands behind its reputation as one of the top painting contractors in the country, and we celebrate our A rating with the Better Business Bureau. However, as we grow and continue to service over 10,000 customers a year, we understand that customer service errors are inevitable, as in any industry. If our customers are unhappy in any way, we ask that they contact our corporate office and speak with our customer care department right away. This will ensure a speedy and satisfactory resolution. It is our policy to escalate customer concerns all the way to the CEO level if necessary to satisfy a customer. We've painted over 90,000 homes since 2000 and have a consistent 97% customer satisfaction rating year after year. We actively seek out any customers who are unhappy with the end result of their paint job and do whatever is necessary to rectify any concerns. We're not perfect, but we strive to be as close to it as possible.

We strive for repeat business, so we do our best to earn our client's trust and build a long lasting relationship with our customers.

We highly recommend researching a company before entering into a home improvement contract with a contractor. To learn how to do this successfully, please read our 8 tips to avoid home improvement scams


College Works Painting and its young entrepreneurs are proud to be recognized by the following:

Action Coach 2013 Business Excellence Forum Finalists
College Works Painting, premium and quality painting: ABA 2014 Gold Stevie Award Winner
College Works Painting, premium and quality painting: BBB Rating A BBB Rating A
Entrepreneur of the Year Talk of the Town Award
The Princeton Review

Painting Manufacturers

Kelly Moore is recognized for its high quality products in the painting industry. The company manufactures some of the most technologically advanced paint products and establishes the benchmark in the industry for innovative product development and control standards.

Glidden Paint provides a lab tested high quality exterior paint that is manufactured for use on the following surfaces: Porch or Floor, Doors, Trim or Shutters, Stucco, Masonry, Brick, Stone or Aluminum, Vinyl and other House Surfaces. 97% of people who use Glidden would recommend it to a friend.

Sherwin Williams is the largest producer of paints and coatings in the United State and features products that hold up against the elements and have great curb appeal. Exterior paints available include Acrylic Latex, Oil-Based Paint, Enamel Oil Base, and Enamel Latex Base.

Parker Paints is a substantial manufacturer of paints and coating in the Northwest US committed to continual technological innovation offering first-class finishes with particular formulations made to tolerate the dry and cold weather conditions.