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Our Premium Service Plan

For homes needing two coats of paint, or homeowners looking to add 2 to 4 years to the life of their paint job, we offer our premium service plan. Our premium service plan is founded on extensive preparation that enhances paint adhesion to the surfaces of your home. This will not only add two to four years to the life of the paint job. It will also make your chosen color appear richer and brighter.

Here’s a complete explanation of the fine workmanship you can expect from College Works Painting:


Using specialized power-washing equipment enables us to remove dirt, salts and other mineral deposits that have been absorbed into the grain of the wood and pores of the stucco. The cleaner the surface, the better the paint will bond.

*Some homes cannot be power washed due to specific construction circumstances. Your Intern is able to determine if your home is at risk when using a power washer. We do not power wash all homes due to this infrequent circumstance.


Latex-acrylic based, primer paint is like a thin layer of rubbery plastic that seals the outer surfaces of your home. Primer is used as a base coat because of its epoxy-bonding agents which are designed to stick like glue. This allows the finish coat to go on more evenly and provides a thicker, more protective outer surface.


A full prime coat with one top coat, or two top coats of 100% acrylic paint. This is much more durable than vinyl or other latex-based paints, and forms a harder shell as it dries and cures. It also costs 50-60% more per gallon than the top-of-the-line latex blend paints.


We're extremely confident in the work we do and products we use that we offer extended warranty options, depending on how many finishing top coats we apply. This means you pay nothing for any materials needed to repair your paint job, and nothing for all repairs under our labor warranty. We challenge you to find any professional painter to come out for less than $50/hour for even small repairs.

Of course, no paint job is "bulletproof," and minor cracks or some peeling may occur. A quality paint job will last up to a decade if, every year, these small imperfections are tended to. If you call us, we'll gladly inspect your paint job annually and perform the necessary touch-ups, which on average take less than four hours.


If you decide to have your home painted again at the end of our service plan, we’ll paint it for the same original contract price. Paint industry averages, accounting for inflation, show prices rising approximately 5% per year. This means that the cost of your next paint job could be 30% less than that of our average customer six years from now. Questions about your warrantied College Works Painting job?

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When you hire one of our interns, you have the peace of mind in knowing that College Works Painting backs up all workmanship with a complimentary one year guarantee of quality, which is industry standard.

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The workers were timely, courteous, tidy, careful and thorough in their prep work. Joseph provided good leadership of his crew and kept the client well informed about schedules and progress. We believe that we received a quality product for a competitive price.

Bellevue, WA

The students who did my house were seriously motivated to do it right! I'm convinced they did a better job than most "professionals" would have!

Santa Barbara

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