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We work safe and smart — right from square one.

Sound workplace safety benefits everyone — our student crews and their parents, our company's solid reputation, plus the homeowners whose houses we paint. So you'll be pleased to learn that at College Works Painting, safety is our number one priority. In fact, our safety education and practices have made us a leader in creating new, better standards for the entire home painting industry, a claim many contractors simply can't make.

EPA Lead-Safe Certification

Federal and Sate law requires that contractors performing renovation, repair and painting projects that disturb more than 20 square feet of exterior paint surfaces in homes, child care facilities and schools built before 1978 must be certified and trained to follow specific work practices to prevent lead contamination.

Protect your family and make sure you only hire a contractor who is in a Lead-Safe Certified Firm. You can rest assured that College Works Painting follows the law to the letter, and is fully EPA Lead- Safe-Certified.

For more information visit You may also read this lead safety alert from the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission.

Electrocution Hazard Prevention

Metal ladders can pose a serious electrocution risk in the wrong situation. But at College Works Painting we take no chances, and allow nothing but fiberglass ladders on our jobsites.

Complete OSHA Compliance

College Works Painting actively works to meet and exceed all OSHA requirements for residential house painting with frequent job site safety meetings, the use of harnesses while working on roofs, and comprehensive reporting of injuries and illnesses.

Regular Safety Meetings

Safety seminars are an important part of the initial training every intern and crew member must undergo, and are also held every week on every jobsite. That's twice what OSHA requires!

Our Comprehensive Safety Manual

At College Works Painting, we do more than just talk about safety. All employees must receive, review and constantly heed our comprehensive safety manual.

Click here to download a copy >>

If you observe any unsafe practices at any of our jobsites, please contact us at 888-450-WORK (9675).

Employee Handbooks


Q: Are they really students?

A: All of the College Works Interns are college students. The program is designed to allow college students to have a real life business experience and to earn money for the high cost of tuition. The painters on each crew may or may not be college students. All of our painters are trained by us and our paint providers, and many have years of experience.

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