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More Success Stories

See and hear how the College Works Painting experience helped our graduates earn their way through school, and launch highly successful careers.

Success Stories

Mark Moses

Mark Moses

CEO, Platinum Capital Corporation

Platinum Capital won the Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the year award and was ranked #10 on the INC 500. Platinum is a mortgage brokerage company. "Imagine being #10 on the Inc 500 before you are 35! Wow, I could not have done that if I did not start my entrepreneurial career when I was 18 with you."

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Guy Metcalfe

Guy Metcalfe

Global Head Of Real Estate Investment Banking,
Morgan Stanley Real Estate Funds

Global Head Of Real Estate Investment Banking, Morgan Stanley Real Estate Funds

He is a member of the National Association of Real Estate Investment Trusts, The Real Estate Roundtable, the Urban Land Institute where he is also a ULI council member and the National Mul- tifamily Housing Council, where he is an executive board member.

Guy is a member of the Investment Committee for the Morgan Stanley Real Estate Funds, which have acquired over $100 billion of real estate since 1990.

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Nick Eaves

President/ COO Woodbine Entertainment Group

WEG's business and operations includes its two Toronto area racetracks and the various distribution channels which WEG uses to disseminate its horse racing product.

"The skills I developed running my own Student Painting Business for two years... have been the difference over the past 20 years as I built my career."

Andrew Reid

Strategic Partnership Development Manager, GOOGLE

Andrew has worked on some of the largest partnerships at Google. Working with the CEO and co- founders.

"Not only did I pay my way through school but also learned valuable business lessons (like)...never giving up and a 'Don't Stop' attitude (which) have followed me throughout my career."

Adam Robinson

Co-founder/CEO, Govplace

"My experience with College Works Painting absolutely served as the foundation for my career as an entrepreneur. The hands-on, real-world experience as a Branch Manager and a District Manager, gave me the management and selling capabilities critical to early stage business development, and taught me many skills that I still use today"

Steve Tchejeyan

Director of Sales, McAfee, Inc.

"I learned to sell at College Works, that has been the single most important lesson of my professional career. Weather at Cisco, College Works or sales skills have created my success to- day."

Matthew Stewart

Chairman of the Global Board (2009), The Entrepreneurs Organization

EO is the worlds most influential community of entrepreneurs, engaged to learn and grow.

"I learned the value of hard work, I learned about integrity, most importantly I learned how to be a leader at College Works Painting. I owe everything to CWP."

Peter MacDonald

Attorney at Law

Peter was chief council at LendingTree and Platinum Capital Corporation.

"The summer I spent 'painting houses' was quite possibly the single most defining moment of my career to date. That is because any success I have enjoyed in my career as a corporate lawyer, can be traced back to developing skills and confidence from that experience."

Jed Albiston

President, Genies Inc.

"While working with College Works, I gained management and leadership skills, better communication and negotiation skills, confidence in my abilities, sales and marketing skills, how to manage profitability, and how to run a business with integrity. By taking a close look at most service oriented businesses, I realized that the things that I just listed are a rare commodity."

Seth Baily

CEO/Founder Itok

Seth won Utah's "Top 40 under 40" award. Itok provides a solution for broadband service providers to deliver premium technical support direct to individuals securely through the internet.

"College Works was an opportunity early in my professional career that gave me a way to try my hand at entrepreneurship... (I am grateful for)the passion it ignited in me for entrepreneurship."

Steve Johnson

Founder/Managing Partner, New Deal Property Solutions, LLC

New Deal Property Solutions is a real estate investment and development company based in Houston Texas

"I enjoy my life because I get to do what I love for a living on my terms and schedule. I owe much of this happiness to my experience in the College Works Painting internship."

Matt Landauer

Founder/ CEO ProWorks Flooring, Inc.

"CollegeWorks was the toughest and most fun job I ever had."

Sean Miller

Vice-President, DirectPointe

DirectPointe is a national IT outsourcing provider which was recently rate the #1 managed service provider in the world.

"I have sold two companies and I am not yet 30. I am thankful to CWP for helping me develop the skills necessary to exceed my career dreams."

Marcus New

CEO, Stockhouse Inc.

Stockhouse Inc Manages financial information, business news, and software on a private label basis for financial services, media and corporate customers in North America.

"Today I run a multimillion dollar business in three countries, I credit a lot of my success to the learning experiences in my six year student painting career. I made a lot of mistakes...but I made them when I was young and made a lot fewer in my next business as a result."

Zack Palmer

President, PerforMAX Building Materials

PerforMAX Manufacturer and Installer of Decorative, Lightweight, Concrete Stone Veneer.

"I appreciate all the connections I made at CWP. I still keep in touch with my VP, the founders of the company, and many other interns. These connections have really assisted me in starting and suc- ceeding in my company."

Tom Piovoso

CEO, Campus Fundraising

"The challenge of running my own business helped me hone skills that otherwise would not have been developed for years."

Mike Profant

Co-Founder/CEO, Empire Community Painting

Empire is one of the largest architectural coatings firms in North America.

"I had many jobs in high school and college. All prepared me for more similar jobs. My experience at College Works Painting set me apart and opened doors for me that I did not know existed."

Jason Waybright

CEO/Founder, Waybright Financial Services

Waybright Financial Group services high-net worth individuals, specializing in the creation of chari- table trusts for those wanting to give back through philanthropy.

"I was amazed at the direct correlation between my experience "painting houses" and my current career as the owner of a financial services company."

Bill Waddle

CEO/ Founder Bilt-Mor Developments, LLC

"I did not appreciate all that I did not know, until I worked with CWP. I am so happy to have learned so much so early in my career."

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