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For Parents

How can I be sure a College Works Painting internship is right for my son or daughter?

It's a reasonable question. And we're pleased to offer many sensible answers. You can also read a few testimonials from other parents below.

What Parents Are Saying

(CPA/Personal Financial Specialist)

In my professional life, I have learned to respect companies that have systems and processes to better assure success. I believe CWP is such a company.

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(parent of William Wissing, Branch Manager)

I think the program was very good for Willi's professional development. It taught him how to manage a project thru the contracting of jobs and workers to perform them. I have noticed a maturing of Will due to this work. I would recommend this program to other parents.

(parent of Joshua Mailloux, 2002 District Manager)

My son Joshua was chosen by College Works Painting to run a paint company on Nantucket for the summer. My initial thought was for concern, and I had other reservations, as Josh had no previous experience either running a business, or painting. Much to my surprise and delight, Josh did a great job and seemed to have fun doing it. It was rewarding for me to see Josh learn new skills, and to see his confidence grow. It was a wonderful learning experience for him, the training and support he received from the company was great. I would encourage anyone who is chosen for this program to pursue it, as it is a fabulous opportunity, not offered to many. It was a good feeling to see Josh's motivational and diplomacy skills grow along with his self confidence.

I truly appreciate the wealth of knowledge that my son Zachary Price has gained from his employment with College Works. He has developed the skills to paint a house in the correct way, as well as learning about, and buying the proper equipment for the jobs at hand. He has also acquired the expertise necessary to recruit and train workers.

He has been very good at seeking and gaining clients. These are social and work abilities that appear to be very strong in my son. His sense of purpose and commitment has grown as well. He has enjoyed his employment with your company.

Prepare Your Student for Long-Term Success

Most internships impart few meaningful job skills or compensation. But the College Works Painting experience does both. It gives your student the chance to earn serious money to help pay for school. And because we invest in the training, marketing, mentoring, licensing and insurance, there's no financial risk to them or you. Students are immersed into a total management experience. If your child would like to be a leader in his or her professional life, College Works Painting may be the best preparation for them.

What's more, since many work summers to help pay for the following school year, we offer a minimum compensation guarantee of $4,000 to those who fulfill program requirements.

Your student will also receive extensive safety training. In fact, we've been a leader in creating new, better safety standards for the entire home painting industry. We're fully OSHA-compliant and EPA Lead-Safe Certified as well.

In short, a College Works Painting internship is a highly rewarding experience that will help prepare your student for long-term success by teaching invaluable business and life skills.

You'll be proud they're part of this program. And so will your student!

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Tips & Articles

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Parents Say...

When Ryan first came home and told us about his new summer job, he was very excited. My first reaction was, Ryan sell something, no way. That was the biggest surprise of the summer. What a salesman he turned into. What confidence he developed. I have never seen him work so hard. This was a full time job and he took complete charge of all of it. We were all very glad when the summer was over. It was nice to have the phone back again. We were also very proud that he completed the job and did it so well. This internship has definitely changed the course of Ryan's life. He will never be satisfied with a boring nine to five job again. This internship showed him how hard work gives him not only money but freedom. It is a good feeling to know Ryan will always be able to take care of himself. We are very proud of what he has accomplished at such a young age.

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Q: How can my student run a painting business?

A: It's possible and the proof is in the last twenty years of interns successfully completing the program. The program is designed to take highly ambitious, self-motivated, over-achievers and give them a forum in which to excel.

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