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What are internships like at College Works Painting? What are internships like at College Works Painting?

What's It Like

Concerned about your lack of experience? Maybe a bit intimidated? Don't be. Few College Works Painting candidates have had any management experience. That is what we teach. Rest assured, if you possess the desire, background, work ethic, outgoing personality and drive to succeed, you'll fit right in as one of our interns, and go far with us.

What Are Students Saying About the Internship?

(University of Minnesota)

This internship was easily the most difficult experience I have ever taken apart of, but I can honestly say I would not change it for anything.

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(University of Minnesota)

I cannot put into words the roller coaster ride it is to be an intern, but all of the ups and downs come together at the end to leave the intern with a feeling of satisfaction they will not be able to find anywhere else.

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(University of Connecticut)

I have done many internships in the past with big companies such as NASDAQ but College Works offered me something different.

Making money and getting reference letters from clients this summer was great, but the network that I acquired from working with these amazing people is easily the best thing that I took out of this internship.

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Adventure and Fun

At College Works Painting we believe in preparing our Student Interns for life and business, and we believe the old adage that those who "Work Hard should Play Hard" too. As such, since we know how hard you will be working, we want you to know how much fun can be had as well.


College Works Painting Interns are chosen based on a strict process involving three face-to-face interviews with various company representatives. Not all college students are capable of the responsibilities involved in working a summer with College Works Painting. To make sure we only select the best, most motivated candidates to join our program, we'll carefully consider your work experience, academic performance, involvement in high school and college activities, along with many personal factors.


Once you've been selected for our Intern Program, you can look forward to extensive training--in the classroom, and in the field with one of our district managers--to prepare you for your upcoming College Works Painting experience.

Management Training

Next, we'll teach you exactly how to craft and implement a marketing program, make sales, estimate projects, work with customers, plus recruit, hire, and train employees. In short, you'll learn all aspects of running a small business.

Our carefully designed training program provides one of the best proving grounds available, where you'll be challenged to test your limits in a real managerial role. Once you're done, you'll be fully prepared to go out and achieve the personal and professional growth necessary for success in today's competitive world.

District Manager Support

Pass the College Works Painting training program and you'll be expected to perform and produce like the true entrepreneur you are. But you won't be out there alone. You'll continue to work closely with your district manager, who will provide strong and structured mentorship, ongoing in-field training, and supervised learning.

Your Earning Potential

How much money can I make? It depends entirely on how profitably you run your College Works Painting business, not the number of hours you work. But the following chart will give you a better idea.

  Sales Net Profit Total Bonus
*Plus trip to Mexico for year end awards banquet, all expenses paid.
Below Average Branch $35,000 $4,900  
Average Branch $50,000 $9,500  
Above Average Branch $70,000 $14,700 $1,000
Great Branch* $80,000 $15,750 $1,000*
Great Branch* $90,000 $19,200 $2,500*
Excellent Branch* $100,000 $23,000 $4,500*
Excellent Branch* $125,000 $29,560 $6,500*
Top Few Branches* $150,000 $36,450 $8,500*

The average profit percentage on an average job is 20%. In addition, because College Works Painting is committed to recognizing excellence, you could also receive periodic bonuses for exceptional performance. All bonuses are awarded at the discretion of management and are cumulative. This is the real world. However, we are a fair-minded company and are not shy about recognizing great work by employees. Compensation structure may vary from state to state. Your commissions will vary upward or downward depending on how well you conduct estimates and manage costs.

Transferable Skills

Sometimes referred to as soft skills, transferable skills are the critical strengths, talents, qualities, and personable attributes that go beyond the job specific skills that you are gaining in your academic classes. During your internship, you will gain many of these skills that employers are looking for, including verbal and written communication skills, a strong work ethic, the ability to work in a team, leadership, initiative, problem-solving skills, and interpersonal skills. According to the National Association of Colleges and Employers, these are the transferable skills most desired by employers.

Post-Internship Opportunities

When your internship is over, the opportunities are just beginning!

As you might expect, College Works Painting alumni are extremely successful; and many own or run large companies. As an intern you'll have a chance to meet and learn from some of them. As one of our program graduates, you'll gain instant access to a select referral program to help you with your job search after graduation.


College Works Painting and its young entrepreneurs are proud to be recognized by the following:

Action Coach 2013 Business Excellence Forum Finalists
College Works Painting, premium and quality painting: ABA 2014 Gold Stevie Award Winner
College Works Painting, premium and quality painting: BBB Rating A BBB Rating A
Entrepreneur of the Year Talk of the Town Award
The Princeton Review


This program has taught me how to run my own business. Starting from nothing, I was in charge of building a small painting business. The company took care of the licensing, bonding, and insurance, while leaving the marketing, sales, and production on my plate.

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I developed skills in marketing, sales, and management which I could not have gained in any other college setting.

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What college graduate stands a chance in today's workforce with nothing to show but a diploma? The answer is NOTHING! I was very excited when I was approached by College Works Painting.

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CWP has developed a truly performance based model at every level of the organization, from painters to top management positions and promotes individualism and creative thinking.

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The experience and skills you will learn are invaluable.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Q:How do I get paid?

A: At training you will learn how to price a paint job. You will be taught how to calculate wages, material, supplies and your profit. The average house will cost approximately $3,000 - $3,500 and you aim to earn 20% of this selling price per house painted. Remember as in any business, your profit margin depends entirely on how well you manage your costs. (Note: CWP cannot guarantee how much you will make, as it is dependent upon how you price the job and the costs you incur in delivering it. However, the average profit last year was over 21%. Also, the program offers a minimum guarantee of $4,000 for those who fulfill minimum program requirements.)

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