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College Works Painting interns experience Adventure and Fun!

Student Adventures

At College Works Painting we believe in preparing our Student Interns for life and business. We do this by providing you with exceptional entrepreneurial training and then being your support system as you build your own business.

Work Hard. Play Hard.

At College Works Painting we believe in the old adage that students who "Work Hard should Play Hard" too.

Outfitting for Adventure

No Up Front Fees

We provide the start-up funds which you return through profits.

Your Mentor

A past intern who has achieved excellence in our program will guide you to success.

Advertising and Organization Materials

We provide marketing materials and organizational tools to help you succeed as a business person. Including contractors license, liability insurance and workers compensation, payroll processing, HR services, and more. All to make certain that you comply with the rules and regulations of operating a business.


Intensive and comprehensive training on all aspects of operating your service business.


How many people do you know that successfully run their own business? No law school, graduate school or future employer will be able to deny you a forum.

Business Connections

College Works alumni are an extremely successful group of individuals and many own or run large companies. As an intern you will have an opportunity to meet and learn from many of these alumni. Also, successful completion of the program places you into a select referral program to help you with your job search after graduation.


To encourage excellence among our interns, we have several scholarships and awards available. See those in more detail here.

Administrative Support

Our office provides all the accounting and bookkeeping services necessary for your business. In addition, your customers will enjoy friendly telephone reception.

The Adventure Timeline


Attend formal training seminar

Meet with District Manager to set goals and create a business plan

Conduct your first estimates with District Manager


Attend paint training during Spring Break

Grand opening of your branch

Have article written about yourself in the local paper


Continuous District Manager support

Market your business and continue sales throughout the summer

Interview and hire employees for your business

Back to School

Start production, organize jobsites, institute quality control

Work with customers and motivate employees

Bi-weekly payroll functions to meet alumni

What Students Are Saying About the Internship

Molly Velasco (University of Massachusetts)

If you are a person who is determined to grow and are looking for a program to challenge you and push you out of your comfort zone this is definately the one for you.

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Taylor Benjamin

[The internship] has improved my ability to talk to clients, deal with objections and has taught me the basics of selling, running and managing my own business. It is a tough internship but if you stick with it and keep trying then you can succeed.

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Apply Now

Are you, or will you soon be, a college undergraduate? Does earning great money and being in charge of your future sound appealing? Then don't wait. Apply online today by filling out the following information:

In the event we have difficulty contacting you, by placing your phone number on this page, you hereby consent to receive autodialed calls from or on behalf of College Works Painting at the number above. You understand that you are not required to consent to autodialed calls.

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College Works Painting is without a doubt the most rewarding and beneficial job I have ever had. I have since graduated from West Chester University with a degree in Business Management, interviewed for scholarships and jobs, and gotten more offers than I could have ever imagined. College Works Painting gives you the chance to make great money, lasting memories, amazing friends, and have an unforgettable experience. It also gives you something that you can't find other places: options. At a time when people are struggling to find jobs and getting rejection after rejection, I was offered job after job.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Q:How do I get paid?

A: At training you will learn how to price a paint job. You will be taught how to calculate wages, material, supplies and your profit. The average house will cost approximately $3,000 - $3,500 and you aim to earn 20% of this selling price per house painted. Remember as in any business, your profit margin depends entirely on how well you manage your costs. (Note: CWP cannot guarantee how much you will make, as it is dependent upon how you price the job and the costs you incur in delivering it. However, the average profit last year was over 21%. Also, the program offers a minimum guarantee of $4,000 for those who fulfill minimum program requirements.)

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