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Interns having fun.

Work Hard. Play Hard.

People are attracted to the challenge of this program for many different reasons. Some come to bolster their resume for the jump into the heights of Corporate America. Others want to develop skills to pursue their own entrepreneurial path. Still others simply want the challenge of something out of the ordinary, something that separates them from their peers. Regardless of the reason, all come and work hard for their success. Yet, after the sales are made, employees hired, and checks are collected, interns still find the energy to live up to the motto: Work Hard. Play Harder.

Kayaking fun.
Rafting fun.Paintball fun.
Volleyball on the beach.
Camping by the lake.
ATVsBunjee jumping

Adventure and Fun!

At College Works Painting we believe in preparing our Student Interns for life and business.

Work Hard, Play Hard

Your College Works Painting business is just that: a business involving plenty of hours, many responsibilities, and lots of hustle. But we're all about balance. So, when the work day's done, you'll have the opportunity to join the rest of the team in cutting loose and having major amounts of fun, including:

  • Whitewater Rafting
  • Paintball Wars
  • Night-Clubbing
  • Beach Parties
  • Cruises and Camping Trips
  • And Much More

We also have company meetings in places like Las Vegas and Cancun. It really is an adventure at College Works Painting!

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Are you, or will you soon be, a college undergraduate? Does earning great money and being in charge of your future sound appealing? Then don't wait. Apply online today by filling out the following information:

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